Sunday, 31 March 2013

75% of people oppose privatising the "Poles & Wires" - O'Farrell should rule it out today

Premier Barry O’Farrell should listen to the 75 per cent of people who oppose privatising the State’s poles and wires because it would send electricity bills soaring – and rule it out today.

A new Neilson poll has found 75 per cent of people surveyed oppose the further privatisation of electricity in NSW, because it would increase household electricity prices across the State.

This comes on top of revelations families will be hit with even higher energy prices this year because the O'Farrell Government is sneakily gouging a record $1.153 billion in electricity dividends from household bills.

This is yet another broken promise from the O'Farrell Government – who previously promised to drive down energy bills by freezing dividend levels.

With 75 per cent of people telling Barry O’Farrell they don’t want the further privatisation of NSW’s electricity assets because it will increase prices, he should rule it today.

Selling off the poles and wires would send energy bills soaring for families who are already struggling with the rising cost of living.In South Australia, electricity prices rose by more than 30 per cent after their electricity poles and wires were privatised.

Electricity bills have already risen by almost $600 in the two years since Mr O’Farrell came to office and privatising electricity will only make things worse.

If the Premier and Treasurer have any understanding of the pressure rising electricity bills are having on NSW families, they will categorically rule out selling the poles and wires today.

The O’Farrell Government is gouging a record $1.153 billion in dividends from the electricity bills of NSW households this year, in a deliberate move which will only cause more pain for families.

The O'Farrell Government's willingness to increase electricity bills and extract record dividends from families already struggling with the rising cost of living shows they just don't understand the pressure NSW households are already under.

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