Monday, 28 January 2013

Police Recognised for outstanding service

It was an honour for me to attend the Central Metropolitan Region Zone 2 Awards Ceremony earlier this month with Acting Police Commissioner Nick Kaldis, other senior police officers and Acting Police Minister Chris Hartcher to recognize those members of the NSW Police Force who have made a significant contribution to NSW in maintaining the peace and good order of our society. 

At the ceremony 39 Awards were presented to both uniformed and plain clothed members of the service. The recipients were from all ranks: From Sergeants, Constables and Detectives. 

Most of us pay little attention to the Police in our state unless we hear some media story criticizing their actions, or when we find ourselves in a situation and we need their assistance such a car accident or burglary. But everyday there are policemen and policewoman who dedicated their working life to keeping us, and our community safe: Or as safe as some of the “lunatics” that co-exist with us allow them too. 

But I can assure the local members of the NSW Police Service that your community respects the work you do and deep down, each night, we give a silent thank you that you are out there patrolling our streets, protecting our community and doing all within your power to keep us safe. Not an easy task in today’s society … it is not an easy job in today’s society. But it is a job that must be done. And, I salute not only those that received awards on this day but each and every one of you who have put up your hand and said “I am here to serve.”

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